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I just wanted to give my thanks to the folks at Outback Auto. My car stalled on 520 this morning and I had it towed to Outback Auto. They squeezed me in and took a look at it. It turns out that I popped a FMIC tube before the throttle body. They tightened the clamp made sure nothing else was awry and sent me on my way.
NASIOC: washyu
Just wanted to give a big thank you to John at Outback. He fit me in today and installed springs and struts with only 1 day notice and as always did great work for an amazing price.
NASIOC: sea-sube
I just had my WRX retuned after another tuner just couldn’t get the idle AFR right… these guys did it in less than a day, and did an excellent job fixing the AFRs. I also got some great suggestions from John and ended up loving the boost response after they sold me on a Grimmspeed BC. I would definitely recommend their tuning services and will use them again if/when I go bigger!
NASIOC: ocelot21
I had Outback install my DP and then got a johnjohn tune for my stage 2 last month. My car is nice and quick and Im already seeing better MPG’s!
NASIOC: homegrwn97
I got my car tuned at outback and I’m very pleased with the results. Vf39 on a 2.0 making 315/317. Mpg is better and she pulls like a bull!
NASIOC: Deathclutch