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Pre-Tune Checklist:

This is an example of things we check when doing a pre-tune inspection. Please ensure that your car is in good running order before your appointment to avoid additional shop time.


We offer complete package tunes for all turbo Subaru models which include all required maintenance and a performance tune.

Wheels & Tires /

proper condition and inflation, , ensure they are torqued to proper specification, ensure proper body clearance if being strapped to a dyno, or driven ‘spiritedly’


Fluids /

Engine oil is fresh, others topped off and clean appearance


Fuel /

Ensure adequate fuel of the type you desire is provided in the tank. A fee will incur if we have to get fuel for you. If a fuel pump install is to be done before your tune, please have no more than 2/3 of a tank.


Spark Plugs /

Ensure the proper change interval is met or exceeded.


Interior /

The front two seats must be clear and easy to move about. A working 12V power outlet is ideal.


Exhaust Systems /

Secure and free of leaks, O2 bung located post turbo, pre cat for wideband logging, EGT bung(s) provided as close to the cylinder head as possible.


Intake Systems /

Free of leaks, cleaned or fresh air filter, vacuum system routed properly.


Under-car /

Brakes in proper working order, free of leaks, adequate and safe friction material life, no excessive wobble or warp, chassis and axles free of obvious or potential damage or wear.



Ensure the proper cables are provided, that the system is in good working order and can openly communicate. If an AccessPort is to be used ensure it is up to date and functioning properly.



Ensure the port is accessible and in good condition. These connections can become ‘loose’ and need service for example if an AccessPort cable is left in all the time.


Power adders /

Ensure there is an adequate supply of Meth, NOS or water mix for your tune. Or bring extra.


Boost Control /

Is the proper system in place for the desired results:

Times you NEED a boost control solenoid /

Any 2002-2005 2.0L US WRX.


As your car gets older the stock system will slowly lower available boost until only wastegate pressure is achievable.


Any time the stock turbo is replaced with a not stock unit… eg a vf39 on a 2006 wrx


Any time you have an external wastegate.