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Starting off with your car all topped off and serviced properly is vital to its life. Take advantage of some of these service specials exclusively for the Northwest Subaru owner and get on the road with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in top shape! All of our services, maintenance and repairs will qualify for all vehicle OEM warranties as well as aftermarket warranties and insurance expectations. All products and fluids used meet or exceed all required applicable specifications or certifications. We off a 12/months parts defect, 36/month labor and electrical warranty on all stock/OEM repairs.

Don’t be fooled by gimmicks or suspiciously similar advertisements! InFront is the destination for regular maintenance and performance parts sales and installation on the south end. Since 2006, our fair pricing and the highest quality of work has spoken for itself with only YOUR word of mouth as advertisement to thank for our growth. Rest assured your car is being treated properly and professionally with InFront Automotive.

We guarantee our services to be the highest quality for the best price around! If someone has the same service and parts advertised for less we will beat it!

Inexplicable events, noises, shudders, vibrations. or worse. When your turbo Subaru doesn’t run as it should no one is happy. Leave it to the experts at InFront Automotive to solve the problem. We know these cars so well we can identify a host of common issues affect turbo Subaru models with little to no cost. Most shops would warrant needing hundreds of dollars, just to diagnose the same issue. No problem is too small. No task too large. If your car is modified or stock, new or old, Infront Automotive is the dealer alternative.

InFront Automotive provides 12v equipment installation, diagnostics and repair. Gauges are the most common, but also other electronics such as radar or laser detectors/systems, cameras, stereo head units, speakers and amps can all be installed at InFront Automotive. We have intimate knowledge of your vehicle, as well as the experience and expertise required to assure a proper installation of all electronics without damage to the vehicles electrical system, trim, body, or paint. All electrical work is by the hour.

Click on one of the following links to find more information and pricing on the services we provide.

$105 / hour

Any model; Any repair, install, modification, fabrication, consultation, etc.

$150 / hour

Custom Dynamometer EFI tuning via Cobb AccessPort, OpenSource, or aftermarket ECU.

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